Investing in Your Future

A college degree represents a significant investment not just in your education but in your future. But with the cost of higher education rising, and the length of time required to complete a degree increasing, college may seem out of reach or impractical for many.

The reality is that a college education may be more affordable than you imagined, even if you choose to attend a private university. Though tuition at a top-tier university may be more than that for a state college or university, students at private universities typically receive more aid in the form of scholarships and grants – funds that do not need to be repaid upon graduation. These students are also more likely to complete their degree objectives in four years. At USC, most students successfully complete a double major or major-minor combination within four years.

A college education also means you can reap greater rewards and be fully prepared to contribute to society throughout your lifetime. According to the College Board and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: 

  • College graduates earn 66 percent more in lifetime wages than those with just a high school diploma. Those with master’s or professional degrees earn nearly three times more. 
  • In 2018, the unemployment rate for those with bachelor’s or advanced degrees was about half of that for those with little or no college education. 
  • College graduates are more likely to vote and volunteer, enjoy greater job satisfaction and stable career prospects, and have increased access to health insurance and benefits. 

College graduates play a key role in creating a stable economy that benefits not only themselves, but their families, their children and their communities. 

More information about funding your college education and how financial aid works at USC can be found here.